Thoughts on Giant Bomb’s Game of the Year 2016 – Day One

I’ve decided that I need to write down what I think more.
I don’t really know why – perhaps it’s merely egotistical thinking to consider that my opinions and thoughts are of value – but who cares, I’m writing them down anyway.

This year, on day one of Giant Bomb’s Game of the Year 2016 discussion podcasts, one of the catergories was ‘The Hottest Mess of 2016’. Final contenders were ‘No Man’s Sky’, ‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘The Undoing of Palmer Luckey’.

Alex Navarro on Giant Bomb is rapidly becoming, to me, the voice of emotional response over at GB, in a good way.
I like that Alex asked the question ‘How did this affect me personally?’ rather than just considering what was the hottest mess for videogames of 2016 – of which, if it was just based on products/companies and their failures – no doubt, it’d be ‘No Man’s Sky’.

Despite me being an Oculus Rift and Touch owner, despite being a massive Oculus fan, despite really wanting Oculus to succeed – I was really impressed with GB and their maturity, compassion and well-placed anger that led them to place Oculus founder Palmer Luckey as being the hottest mess of 2016.

No matter what goes on in games, which games deliver, which games fail, who manages to over-promise and under-deliver (again) – any matter which reveals someone to be promoting racist agendas and spending their money on marketing, what Alex repeatedly called ‘abhorrent’ matters – must be recognised as that. Abhorrent.

Bravo Giant Bomb.
I disagree on your views on Shenmue but whole heartedly agree on this.


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